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New Era w/ Queen Cities (CD RELEASE) + Circles & Revolution


McNally's Tavern - Under New Management
2226 Dewdney Avenue S4R 1H3 Regina Canada
Friday, June 10th
$10 Advance @ B-Sharp Music & X-Ray Records
$12 @ the Door
Show Starts @ 10PM

Newera (Regina, Sk.)

Newera is a Regina based Canadian funk rock band, which became a reality in June of 2013. The band originally consisted of Joe Levesque, lead vocalist, and David Cottin, bass player, and Andrew Cottin, lead guitarist, and drummer Dale Maguire
Newera brings a funky rock style, that has also blended a bluesy feel, with lyrics that are simple and relatable to our audience. With entrancing guitar riffs, and overall music flow, we have created what we believe is a unique, and a going back to old school roots, and making them current again, with an edgy rock vibe.

Newera is currently working on our first CD. Its is a six song EP, with many flavours of rock, funk and the blues.
We are also currently working on some more new material that we feel is even better than our earlier recordings.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neweraregina

Queen Cities (Regina, Sk./Toronto, Ont.)

alling two majestically nicknamed cities home (Regina & Toronto) - QUEEN CITIES is a next level acoustic pop, punk, alt-rock creation of J.R. Stanley (Performing/touring since his teen years) inspired by culture, pixels, art and design.

The band will unlock their finest achievement when they release their debut album, "Electric Carousel" in February, 2016. (Produced by Jason Pierce. Featuring Dave 'Brownsound' Baksh)

* Watch the official music video for title track, 'Electric Carousel' - https://youtu.be/-2jkpPTnDqg
* Listen to latest single, 'Tumble' - http://www.soundcloud.com/queen-cities/tumble

Originally from the 'Queen City' Regina Saskatchewan J.R. Stanley moved to Canada's other 'Queen City' Toronto in the mid 2000s to further build upon an already impressive catalogue of music and art.

Recently returning home, he has already left a significant mark on the local community and music scene by designing the revised sign for Regina's historic Wonderland Arcade, designing logos for local bands/artists, and showcasing his works in local coffee shops all while continuing to create and share the music he loves.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queencities

Circles & Revolution (Regina, Sk.)

C&R is from Regina, Sk Canada smack dab in the middle of the prairies where you can watch your dog run away for 2 days, what started out as an excuse tp get together once a week for a cold beer and venting conduit to escape the harsh colds of winter quickly evolved into something more. John Bellamy (Lead Vox & Guitar) had worked in other projects over the years such as : Skin Tight Orbit, 2nd Avenue Mitch, Stitchface and Sunichiba. He found himself needing that conduit to continue the music that flowed through him and needed a home for his addiction. Leon Fields (Guitars) & Rob Desnomie(Drums) who had played with John in previous projects as well decided to come aboard, at first just the beer and jam most likely! After banging out some mindless riffs and freestyle jams once a week they quickly found themselves revolving around their knack to write some interesting original material. While still without a bass player at this point they were infiltrated by one Ian Kushneruk who was introduced by a mutual friend. Ian came from a jazz fusion and blues background and had never played the style of music these guys were bangin' out before! After a few weeks he quickly new he was gonna fit and was going to add his favourable background into this project. With limited time each member had to offer over the coming months they were still able to stick to the original format and write enough material to keep them busy and humans adhered to! Some will say C&R might be a little genre confused "but thats the way we like it baby cause we will never live forever" hahaha…..thanks Lemmy! So yes, C&R spawn from a wide range of influences and backgrounds including: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal and Ska! Albeit they might seem genre confused when you first listen to their music or catch a live show, but you will very quickly start to appreciate they truly buck the trend and play & write what they feel with no hesitation to ride any specific genre or mainstream routine, in turn making them a very unique band! Its a total shame when bands need to stick to the same format, you know when you drop that record and everything on it in one way or another typically sounds the same all the way through?? C&R on the other hand choose to give you diversity, play what you like or feel! We are a high energy band and if you ever seen us live you would understand and appreciate it! We look forward to hearing from all you and enjoying our shows and music as it comes! One Love peeps!

Website: http://www.myrevolution.com